Friday, September 16, 2011

Might I Interest Anyone In A Phone Cozy?

Finally. Done.

 For some reason I struggled with making something so small this time. Usually I prefer smaller projects.
 This is one of my all time favorite fabric prints. And buttons 
 I was thinking of making these for the shop but as I was browsing around etsy-it seems like there are so many variables of phone sizes, with or without the bumpers, pockets and so I'm not so sure. Mine is bigger than an iPhone.

I might make a few and see how it goes. 
I have some new kindle cozies in the shop too. 
And a sale going on you might not want to miss out ;)
Coupon code in the shop announcement-good 'til the end of the month :)


Mary Ann Tate said...

Very pretty but as you say there are so many types of phones you may have to do it on a custom order basis I guess:) I was looking at your shop and I was wondering...have you ever made anything for eyeglasses? I have this one that is a solid case and it's so bulky in my purse that it bugs me no end.

andrea creates said...

mary ann~that's a good idea -i may just have to try that :)

Lisa said...

clever... bright and beautiful♥

ayumills said...

So cute!

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