Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Fabric Find

Not sure if anyone goes back and reads the replies to comments in the comments section, but in case not, I just wanted to thank everyone really quick~ for all their kind comments on my kindle cozies-and ideas/advice and whatnot for the cases. I have some new ideas to work with :)

I just came back from Joann's to get some more supplies to work on iPad and iPhone cozies.
I spied some of this Denyse Schmidt fabric, which I had never seen before in this maroon color. I keep looking for the green colorway.Anyway I got some to add to the shop just for fun-it's just a half yard. I got all they had left :0
Don't forget -my birthday gift to you-coupon code:
for 10% off-anything in the shop~all September :)


Becca said...

Andrea, you are amazing with this stuff! Looks like you are really going to town with all these cozies...I love it! Anyway, I just saw the mention...thank you. I'm going to be doing some unexpected traveling in the near future, so funds are tight, but I will diffiently be taking a look at your shop!

We Blog Artists said...

Ok...just went to your shop again and I HAVE to have that other T-Cup purse...I LOVE it!AND I LOVE the one I's perfect!
HUGS and have a wonderful Birthday...did it pass? Or is it this Sunday?
Sorry...I am a little slow when it comes to remembering dates...
ANYWAY ENJOY your week.

andrea creates said...

thanks ladies!! i appreciate the compliments and the feedback :)

my birthday's this sunday-the 11th :)

andrea creates said...

char-so glad you like your teacup bag-they are so fun to make :)

Martina said...

Gorgeous fabric - love it! Happy weekend to you!

moose and bird said...

Lovely lovely! I saw this fabric for the first time at the fabric store today. Just perfect for your creations! x

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