Friday, October 28, 2011

Petite Pochette

I have been pretty (un)busy with sewing this week. I cleaned out the studio a bit-did some paperwork -boring stuff.

Today I finally got around to making up a couple of little pouches like this:

not sure if my photo is showing the scale too well -but these are small :)
or if my bieber polish is distracting (?)-it is one of my favorites(!)

When I get out of the swing of things for a few days I tend to screw up a project or 2 before I get back into the groove. This was no exception-I won't show the one I messed up, but this one turned out pretty nicely, I think.

I thought I'd add a few more of these to the shop-they make nice little 'stocking suffer' sized presents. A great petite size to throw some makeup,cards, money etc etc into your pocket or purse...

Don't forget -the 'make it a set' sale is on 'til the end of October :)
p.s - pouch pattern by keykalou


fernandflora said...

Oh how sweet! I like how tiny they are! And thanks for the kind word about the water fiasco! What a dreadful day that was. Thankfully, the worst is over. Happy weekend!

Martina said...

So sweet Andrea! I admire, how you are always so productive. Have a nice weekend!

Rachel said...

these are so cute!

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