Friday, October 14, 2011

Set Of 3

I decided to try out all 3 of the keykalou pleated pouch patterns using some French General prints,to make as a set for the shop. They are so fun to make up, and I'm sure I will be making some Christmas gifts with this pattern.

I've made the price about 10% off of what I would normally ask for them individually, so it's a good deal. Again, you could keep one for yourself and give 2 as gifts or keep all 3 etc etc. 
I really like the 'tall' version myself. It's a bit too small for my phone and I wouldn't recommend it with the snap closure.(The larger one has a velcro closure and button stitched to the outside as an embellishment). I might make some up with velcro if I find that some phones fit in the case.


Lisa said...

Absolutely L♥Ve your fabric combo!

happy friday!

Katie said...

The fabrics look great- really textured and sturdy...cute pouches.

Happybee said...

those are absolutely gorgeous!!!!
I love the fabric and the shape!!!!!

harmony and rosie said...

These are so lovely, the way you've used the FG with the French map print is inspired.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment the other day!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Jody McDowell said...

These are great, Andrea! I love the fabric :)

Ammie said...

I love these!

rebekah said...

Oh wow! I'm in love with these fabrics! Too cute!! :)

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