Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Stock

Yesterday I visited a local quilting shop.
I had plans to (hopefully) stock on some customer faves before they were all gone. I hadn't been in awhile, and suspected they might have some new prints on hand...

So, I went in for this:

and wound up with all of this:
aren't they pretty all together?!

 Love the Paris map print~looking for places I used to go ;)
(3 sisters/moda)

beige and yellow to brighten it up~sweet birds (robyn pandolph)

 these remind me of some Japanese prints I got last year~ muted beiges and dusky purples, blues and browns(Evening mist).
some florals to go with both :)


Rachel said...

wow, that Paris print fabric is amazing!

kt40s said...

love all your choices! can't wait to see what they become.

Ammie said...

Pretty! I like it all... ;)

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