Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Love When That Happens...

I love when I get an idea and it all comes together as planned or better~ don't you?

This doesn't always happen of course, but when it does I get so happy :)
Such was the case with this new kindle sleeve.

I'm never really sure what to call these. I think this one looks more like a 'sleeve' as it doesn't have a flap. To me that's more of a cozy ;) But I suppose they're all 'cozy'.

The fabric's the little tiny bit I had left of my Grand Revival stash ( :-( ) and lavender linen. I patch-worked them together with cotton batting and fancy green crochet trim.
Since I didn't do a pocket, I thought this simple loop closure would be fine. I was going to use elastic, but didn't have a coordinating color.This is a cord like you would use for a drawstring I guess. The button is vintage.


Chloe said...

Hey Andrea!

Thank you for coming by the blog =)

I remember reading your post about offering patterns & forgot to come back & comment sooner!
It's great to hear you're moving in that direction =) not only because we would Love them, but because once you have made a pattern (especially in pdf form) it becomes passive income for you!

It's like any book i suppose, you only need to write it once - but you can sell it over and over again =)

& congratulations on your first interview (^_^)


andrea creates said...

thanks so much chloe! i've been working on several at once, and think i have the hang of the drawing part at least :)
thanks for the encouragement!

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