Monday, March 26, 2012

New Style

red green and yellow zips

I've decided to add zippers to my kindle cozies as I have lots of zippers (please see post from a few days ago ;) and I have lots of these canvasy linen type Japanese fabrics.

What do you think? Zippers? No zippers?


Lisa said...

love the colors of your zips .. they look like those fancy mints you get at weddings......... mmmmm..

I don't use a kindle but I would think it would be more protective.. and they are are so stylish!!

koralee said...

Oh how I love coloured zippers! Happy dance. xoxoxo

...Tabiboo... said...

Gosh - they look colourful and funky.

Nina x

Martina said...

Zippers, yes, sure - so practical and also good looking! xx

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