Monday, March 19, 2012


I wanted to share some things I won over the last month

 The buttons are handmade in Scotland by McAnaraks. Aren't they great?!
I can't wait to add them to a special project :)
They were won via the Button Floozies blog, to which sometimes I contribute a post about buttons of my own...

This is a sweet paper bird~ heart mobile and notecard from artist Elaine Kean at Red or Gray Art. You can read her blog here

Thanks so much everyone!

I'm working on listing a new tea bag wallet.Still playing around with dimensions and such.

And in an attempt to 'Spring clean' and clear out some perfectly nice supplies I will never get around to using, I am listing some trim...


Becca said...

Oo, such cool buttons, and I love Red or Gray lucky gal! Still lovin' you tea bag cozies!

Laurie said...

So lovely! I can't wait to see where those buttons end up on your creations!

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