Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zipper End Bouquet

These guys have been taking over.

I added up how many zippers I bought last year and the amount shocked me :0
Today I (finally) gathered up all of the ends I'd been saving for an as yet unknown project, and put them in a recycled tomato sauce jar.

I like to buy the longest size zipper possible without going into the next price category-Then cut them to the size I need. Leaving me all these.
Now to find that project....


Lisa said...

oh ... I hear you!!!! great idea about the build a zip! .. that would make me happy!

Trisha Brink Design said...

Eeeek! I can't wait to find out what you might come up with for all those lovely colored zippers!!! :) You're so creative...I'm sure it will be fabby!

koralee said...

Love your idea...and sooo want to see what you are up to with these. Hugs

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