Monday, May 28, 2012

Yellow Ruffle Collage

Have you seen that you can now make collages on Picmonkey?
 I've been using that site to edit my photos since Picnik went away....

Here's one I did with one of my new ruffle pouches. 
I really like the 'transparent' backgrounds you can do....

I can see making some business cards with these :)
I'm glad I can now do collages again since I can never choose which photos to put in the shop...

Did you have a great weekend? We did the usual bbq and swimming~relaxing day :)


koralee said...

What a pretty yellow! I will have to investigate this new photo editing shop...have not heard of it before. Looks like fun. xoxo Thanks for the tip. xo

Martina said...

Oh - this soft yellow looks so pretty! I've worked in the garden the whole weekend - hard work, but fun!

kt40s said...

i love the idea of collage business cards you always come up with something great and new here:)

Happybee said...

Hello Andrea!!!
yes, I'm using it too and it's fun!
yesterday I made my first collage too!!
I loooove this pouch, so summer-y!!!
have a lovely Sunday!!!

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