Friday, June 8, 2012

Prairie Style Card Wallet

 I bought this fabric the other day-I just love how it looks like a retro dress print. From the '70's maybe?
Yes, that is a polka dot on my nail too ;)

 I've got one in my purse for business cards, but now I think I need one to organize coupons and maybe one for store loyalty cards too :)
 Last time I saw my brother he joked my wallet looked like George Costanza's. Of course when you're carrying cards around for you plus 2 other people it fills up quick.6 library cards, dr appt.reminder cards, receipts, loyalty cards, you get the picture...I can probably not have too many of these wallets myself ;)


Aloquin said...

I really like this! Not only do the fabrics go well with eachother, the colors do, too! GREAT job, seriously! :)

<3 Jen

Lisa said...

Polka Dots are sooo much fun and delightfully summer! Loved the comment about Georges wallet!!!

Lola Nova said...

Oh, I so need one of these! How sweet!

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