Saturday, July 21, 2012

Drawstring Jewelry Bags

I have had a few people ask me over the years, if I made drawstring jewelry bags.

 I've always thought they would be super hard to make and so I just never got around to it(tried ;)...

Recently, I received a new request and decided to 'research the subject'. I was given a few requirements &
after a few trials (and errors), I came up with these 2.
they open flat...

and have 8 pockets

What do you think? Should I add them to the shop?


Anonymous said...

Yes! I love them, they're extremely cute. I think they'd be great. They're not something I see very often. Are they easy for you to make? If they are that's even more reason to add at least a few as a test run... :)

Lisa said...

you are one creatively clever gal! not only are they beautiful .. I love the little compartments.. ♥ bravo!

andrea creates said...

thanks girls! i think i'll make up a few and list them...i have quite a few new projects in the works :)

Happybee said...

Sure! you should add them to your shop!!!
I've made one for myself some years ago and...I remember it wasn't easy at all!!! Yours are beautiful!!!!!
happy Sunday!!!

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