Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pleated Pouches

I've been busy trying to make new things to fill the shop and maybe some shows for the upcoming season.

I've made several things with 'michelle patterns' and when I recently read on her blog that she had turned her pleated pouch pattern into an ereader sleeve, with a few modifications, I thought I'd try.
I already had the pattern and ereader sleeves have been pretty popular in my shop.

Here's the one I made so far. It will fit a kindle fire sized ereader.
Of course they can also be pleated pouches for just about anything small enough~ or a cute little clutch :)
I also made one with the pattern as is. You could probably fit the smallest sized kindle in it but the pocket part doesn't cover the entire ereader.

 And here's the regular version~ part of my romantic prairie cowgirl collection :)
I added some hand stitching detail along the flap with hand dyed floss and cute buttons.The one below is a glass vintage one...


Pomona said...

They are lovely bags - I made one for my mother last Christmas. Such a good idea to use them for ereaders!

Pomona x

Christie Cottage said...

Very nice! You always use wonderful color combinations!


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