Friday, September 21, 2012


 I made up these projects the other day and realize that birds feature quite a bit in my work.

 I love that they seem to have the freedom to get up and go whenever they need to. That is something I'm really missing right now. I'd love to get up and go and visit family across the country~ but I can't for one reason or another :(

 The vintage looking image behind the bag is a menu I got on a flight when I was little(!)Remember when they used to serve meals on planes? ;) lol...

The 'need' to move around must be in my blood. My father's parents and grandparents moved back and forth across the Atlantic several times -at the turn of the century, through the Great Depression.They must have been quite adventurous!

 curvy card wallet with bird toile
More bird themed projects coming soon :)


Martina said...

So sweet, this fabric! And yes, i want wings too! Would love to fly to Rome this weekend ;)

Happybee said...

this is so cute!!!!
Oh...I would love to have wings for sure away right now!
Have a nice week end!!

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