Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Needlebook and Curvy Card Wallet

Sometimes I go a few days without being creative and some days I'm able to make several things in a row.
To boost a creative spark, I will work on one of my (usually) fail proof projects ...

  I love making these little needlebooks. They are padded with cotton batting and are so squishy. They're simple, but oh so useful and easy to embellish. The closure button is vintage.

  and of course a curvy card wallet. I've added another decorative brad by Melody Ross. I cut off the prongs and attach it over the snap.


koralee said...

Your creative sparks are amazing...please send some of that spark over here. xoxo

Lisa said...

I love your cute little needle books ♦ when we were grade school my mom had a craft day after school for us once a week .. usually about 10 kids (4 of them were us) I think my mom loved the time with the other moms ♥ .. anywho there was a different project each week. Our very first project was a needle case as she was going to teach us embroidery next.

andrea creates said...

thanks koralee-I sure will ;)!
lisa~ how fun that must have been!i've been thinking of teaching some classes this fall/winter~ not sure what or where but maybe school or a store :)

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