Thursday, October 18, 2012

Assembly Line

I like to get work done in the mornings.I guess I feel more like a morning person. Usually tho' I'm busy getting kids off to school and running errands so my days are all cut up time wise and it's hard to get a lot done.
I decided today to get down to the studio earlier than usual &  just cut out a bunch of pieces, that way when I got back, I could sew them together assembly line style.

 That worked for a bit(see above photo).In about 20 minutes I cut out 2 tea wallets minus the pockets, & 1 1/2 headbands.

 Why 1 1/2 and not 2 full headbands?
Because the electricity went out. Again. This seems to happen a lot here :0 Anyway, I gave up, and by the time I got back from my errands it was back on.So back to work I'll go as soon as I'm done.

Yesterday I finished up this Amy Butler cotton and organic cotton headband(above).I think her prints are great for these headbands.I like to use bright, colorful, busy prints for smaller projects.

 I also had a custom request for this customer(o.k , Mom) she wanted me to make one with her French print and calico.

 I have received super nice feedback on my collars and headbands (even from those who haven't bought one!Thanks :) so I think I'll go make some more....They're one of my favorite current projects ~small and I get to have fun playing with the prints :)

What's your favorite current craft project?

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