Monday, October 8, 2012


I was all set today to cut out a few collars~ I wanted to prepare as much as I could in advance-I'm awaiting a shipment of ribbons.I've been having a hard time finding nice quality narrow ribbon around here unless I drive over 2 hours-so online it was.

I had a request for bandanna style headbands.You know the 40's style, with the little tie on top? It seems they're pretty popular and I love a new challenge that requires using and or buying, lol, more fabrics :) And I secretly had been admiring these for awhile now myself too....great excuse for me to get to work!

Here's what I came up with. 
I've hardly taken mine off since I made it.But I managed to find a (very shy) model so I could show you how it looks on;) 
This is the headband tied in a knot on top.Of course you could also slide the knot to the side-very cute.

 Sometimes I wear mine like a headband, with the wide part on top.
It's also reversible!
 Sometimes I like to tuck the ends under so it looks more like a knotted turban. 
I actually drew out a pattern for them so that there is less bulk around the part where you would tie it...I can't believe it turned out so well on my first attempt. Normally that is not the case(!)
Now if I could get it back from the model, I would put it on again ;)

 So I made one up for the shop. It's a bit narrower-I used a few Amy Butler prints.Love the colors!
Now I'm off to make more cause I think everyone will want one...

P.S my tea bag wallet was featured on a fellow etsians blog today :)


koralee said...

Oh my...I adore these are soooo clever. xoxo

koralee said...

Oh my...I adore these are soooo clever. xoxo

Martina said...

These look ver sweet! Sadly, i myself don't look good with headbands, but i adore them on others and love that style!

kt40s said...

these are adorable now i want to see your sweet face too!

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