Monday, October 22, 2012

SALE Fall Spring Cleaning SALE

I remember some time this past year probably, I mentioned that there were certain things I may or may not renew once they expired.
If they were relisted more than once, I planned on saving them for the Fall/Winter season when things picked up a bit ...or for a show-which I haven't signed up for yet (yeah , I know).

Well, I have a box or 2 now and I'm starting to get in the Spring cleaning mood/mode~ too many things piling up around here. Every once in awhile I just feel the need to clear things out~ so I looked through the boxes, and I'm still not certain which I should renew.
A lot of them are one of a kind items, artsy collages or things I haven't made in awhile... so I thought I'd share them here and offer to relist them -for anyone interested.Just send me a convo on etsy & I'll be glad to renew it for you, at the discounted price with a reserved listing.
 I will be slashing the prices at least 30% on individual items, and, even better- if you see a photo with 2 or more items in it-(has to be the exact items from the same photo)I'll do 50% off what the original total would have been for those particular items*. Hopefully that makes sense(?)

*I'll put the details after the photos~this may take a few posts.Stay tuned :) 

 3 curvy card wallets.Normally $16.00 each. Now $11.20 each. 
Or $24.00 for these 3.

 Alpine wide pencil cases. I made these to fit short knitting needles too.Normally $14.00 Now $9.80 each. Or these 2 for $14.00

 artsy collage zipper pouch.Was $12.00 now $ 8.40

 artsy heather bailey collage pencil case/makeup bag.Was $15. Now $10.50

Autumn wristlet.Was $21.Now $14.70

If you'd like extra info about a certain item(s) convo me on etsy. I'll have some more up tomorrow :)

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