Monday, December 10, 2012

Photo Ornaments and other Gifts

I mentioned in my last post making things not involving needle and thread.Here they are...

 My daughter came across an idea, probably on Pinterest(I'll see if I can find out to credit). She's made up 3 of these and they're not quite done yet but I wanted to share...Each one of the ladies (as they're now a little older than when the photo was taken ;) is going to get one. (The one in the middle is my Mom).
She printed up photos, we circle cut them out, rolled them and placed them in the ornament. Tossed in some glitter and added the glittery snowflake from my bobbie pin project to the outside, and voila.I added the lace trim to the top of this one just for the photo.
I found the clear plastic ornaments at Michael's, and have my own project planned for: just as soon as I can~

 These are another soon to be gift. I had an idea for these bees. My daughter is much better at putting jewelry together so credit goes to her for assembling these too :)

In shop news, I made up a Liberty Bow this morning-A slightly different version than my other bows, this one is looped and secured in the middle ~you can tell a little better in the 2nd photo.

You can find it here.

Off to the post office to deliver orders-wishing you a super Monday : )


Martina said...

Pretty ideas! I'm all for without needle projects ;)

koralee said...

Oh what fun! I love these ideas of yours....happy creating. xoxo My daughter was wearing your sweet headband today!

koralee said...

Hope your Christmas was merry and we are on the road to 2013...sending you many blessings for some exciting new beginnings.

Heather said...

These are all so pretty!~! Hope you had a very merry Christmas!~

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