Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blanket Stitch

I haven't finished with my cards quite yet, but I couldn't resist trying out something else I had in mind.

cut 4
side by side

 Adding a blanket stitch, and then some scallops(?) to my Valentines. 
It's funny how one idea can lead to the next, starting with the cards...
When I get all of my projects finished up ~I'll be sure to share them :)
Hopefully this turns out nice and I'll add it to the shop. 
I always think of these pouches as sweet Valentine's Day gifts, but they'd make great wedding and bridesmaids gifts too don't you think?


Lisa said...

I think they are cute all year long gifts that would really touch the "heart"!!! So cute .. & love the added detail!!

fernandflora said...

Darling as always! And yes, perfect for more than valentine's day!

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