Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Birds & Brooches

 I drew open the curtains to take photos of my new fabric stash just now, and to my surprise there were snowflakes falling down.
I had just come from one trip out and thought it might rain, but no.

 This brooch ( from the Rowan "Winter Warmers" book) will be a Valentine's Day gift.

I almost made 2 separate posts about these, but now I see aqua blue and purplish mauve must be on my mind(!)
Choosing beads was a challenge as the person this is intended for is not a big fan of yellows or oranges-my first choice.

Closeup of the fabric. by Moda-Blackbird Designs.    
 I couldn't resist fabric printed with birds and words ;)
 I have no idea what I'll make with it yet.

Do you have any particular color combos you like right now?


Lisa said...

love the new little brooch .. so pretty .. and a beautiful color combo ♦ seems like I am into blue & brown right now .. it pops up without me really noticing... funny isn't it?

Gill said...

I love the bird fabric!!
Is it a new line??

andrea creates said...

hi there-thanks!
@ gill~yes, i do think it is a newer line :)

koralee said...

Your fabrics are the bird fabric. Hope your weekend is filled with lots of creativity oxxo

Pomona said...

I am coveting that fabric! It is beautiful. I love the knitted brooch too - I have the Rowan book.

Pomona x

Happybee said...

what a beautiful and sweet fabric Andrea!!
And the brooch is so pretty!!!
Hugs, Dany

Martina said...

Dear Andrea, i adore the colors you used here today. Normally, i'm all for bolder shades, but this just speaks to me. Happy tuesday!

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