Friday, February 1, 2013

More Crocheted Edges

 I've been busy with the crochet hooks.This time I used a green Sashiko thread and stitched around one of my heart shaped 'Valenpouches'

amy butler organic cotton fabric

As you can imagine, these take a bit longer to finish up but I think the results are worth it :)

The lining is a fuchsia / magenta color with deep blue dots.

It's been very snowy windy and cold here-I've just been lazy ~ any project I can sit and do with just a few supplies like crocheting and knitting ~ is on the agenda. I'm hoping to start drawing out some designs soon~ possibly for fabrics?


harmony and rosie said...

Hi Andrea, I love your purses and their crochet edges. I don't crochet but that is definitely a reason to learn. So pretty!

Happybee said...

Hello Andrea!!!!
how cool this little heart!!!!
And I loooove so much the crochet edge!!!!
Have a nice Sunday!

moose and bird said...

Hi Andrea. The crochet edges are absolute perfection. Have a lovely week and thank-you for always visiting my blog. Melinda x

Mary said...

I love this little heart pouch! And the crochet edge makes it extra special. Adorable!

koralee said...

Love this!!! Stay cozy my friend...we have had nothing but rain and foggy days here..very gloomy. xoxo

andrea creates said...

thank you ladies :)

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