Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't Forget The Threads

I am sometimes surprised by the surprise that anyone new to my studio space expresses when they see the amount of thread I have.
  I'm sure that most people that sew occasionally have: white, off white, black and so forth on hand.

But I sew a lot, so...
I have the 2 racks above,

 some scattered around the sewing table...

and the extras that almost fill up 2 boxes on a side table.
I suppose it does look like a lot(!) 

I'm very particular about color.
 I either like things to match perfectly or that are a total contrast. 
With this many spools around, contrast is usually on hand, so I'll try and find a matching thread while at the store.


 This is my newest stash~ I love the Cabbages and Roses print on top and am sure I will soon wish I had bought more ;) 

See the Amy Butler print below? The green is a current favorite, and a hard color to match but I think I did o.k


 I like the colors of this one too- it looks old fashioned. 
It'll probably end up as a headscarf/headband...
I looked for, but couldn't find a matching blue, so I bought beige instead.

More Cabbages and Roses
Can't wait to make something with these!!


harmony and rosie said...

I have been wanting to buy some thread racks for so long, all mine are jumbled in a plastic bag .. very stylish!
Love your new fabrics.

koralee said...

So inspiring! Love those pretty colours altogether! xo

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