Sunday, March 3, 2013


 Roses are one of my favorite flowers. 

 I even think they're pretty when they're past their prime ;)
I got these for Valentine's Day, and yes they are still on my table :)

 I can't resist editing them.
Look at these crazy cool colors!

  This one reminds me of a vintage postcard.


Becca said...

Hi Andrea! Very pretty! I just bought a rose to plant in a container yesterday...I hope it does well!

Lisa said...

♦♦ Would be lovely postcards!!!

Paula said...

Your roses are gorgeous sweet Andrea! I love pink, but I love the colors you altered them too as well! They do look like a vintage postcard! So beautiful! You should print these gorgeous photos out and sell them for notecards! Have a happy day! Love, Paula xoxo

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