Friday, March 8, 2013


I've had some voile on hand for awhile and today got around to making up a headband.
This fabric is so soft! And the colors are perfect for Spring, don't you think? :)

 I can't wait for some sun~ it's hard for me to take pictures without it and get the colors right.

I'm personally ready for Spring, but I hear we're going to have a(nother) Winter storm tonight.
Debating going out now and getting some last minute supplies and errands done or hoping for the best tomorrow.
How's the weather where you are? 

P.S~Don't forget coupon code HEADBAND13 for 2$ off any headband in the shop :)

1 comment:

Becca said...

Love the headbands...I like how it's worn in the second photo. We have sun today and mid 50's, but it's supposed to be rain again Monday. No complaints here...there are signs of spring blooming everywhere!

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