Thursday, August 29, 2013

Green Hair Accessories

Believe it or not I spent (some) time before falling asleep trying to turn the fabric every which way in my mind to figure out how to  make this headband!
To some this may seem easy...

I think I figured it out.

I make mine a certain way, and when I shop, I look at things I like-which among other things-are headbands like these (I've bought some of the ones I really like-just can't pass up certain prints)...and I noticed they aren't made the same way I do them. 
That's where trying to figure that out came in...
Now to decide which way I like better.
P.S: If you're trying to find the differences.It's mostly in the way the elastic casing is attached.I'm persnickety like that ;0

They're so practical, I wear one almost every day.
They make quick, get ready jump in the car and go (to this school drop off, that school drop off, library, bank on and on) hair style accessories. 
They look even better when you have time to actually look in the mirror and style it just
I wore mine to exercise in today-opened almost like a bandanna.Perfect.

I found this great Joel Dewberry voile stashed in a completely different type of fabric box (I try and sort my stash by type).
I've bought voile and never knew what I should make and I think these headbands are it:)

                                      Yesterday, I also made up one of my felt flowers.

This time as a bobbie pin. It's a larger 'pin', I'm not sure exactly what the correct term for them is...But I think they're perfect for Fall...Large flower hair accessories seem to be all the craze right now.

 Reminds me of a lilypad.

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