Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reusable Coffee Time

When we were in Canada last month, I noticed a lot more (than our area) trash cans with separate ways to sort recyclables ...Promise, I'll share some photos of my trip soon...

Anyway,  long story short, I was inspired to make up some more reusable coffee sleeves for the shop.
I personally, can never have too many of these on hand. One for the purse, the car etc...

This one is made from a sweet, Japanese, 'granny chic' style fabric and a cute little button sewn to the front. Lined with insulbrite.

1 comment:

Lisa Zinza said...

love it .. and "granny chic" that is so cute! haven't heard that one yet.. hope you having a most wonderful summer!! school starts soon! can you believe it??????

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