Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To Dart Or Not To Dart

This is another one of those crazy days where I'm running in circles and getting:not much accomplished.
I should get an 'A' for effort though...I have to run out the door early and then I have a list of errands to try and accomplish by: asap~ and ~everywhere I go today seems to be closed 'til: later than I'm there. Apparently even after I've made other out of the way trips and circled back ;0

Anyway~ I have had this bag in mind for a week. It's based off of the (post from the other day's )'Hat Box Tote' I made.

However because I'm rushing, I have no real plan~I'm just going for it...
I love it. Except:
In my mind~ I could somehow see the faux leather and the animal print/roses at once.
Don't you love how reality (sometimes) isn't?Lol.

So, I added darts...then realized darts are for more shapely bags. Not totes.
I unpicked threads, but of course in vinyl, you can still see the needle marks. 

Cut a 2nd set of front and back pieces & went back to the flat rounded version. Prefer.

Now I am not thrilled with how the ribbon/handle is ~ I wanted to see the black and white stripes for both sides.(Bag is reversible).

So I think I will: 
Take the bag apart, swap out the lining (vinyl) for something more plain (boring) and make it non reversible. 
And turn those handles around. Although I noticed when I 'wear' the tote, the handles turn to show the stripes...I'll put this one on the back burner for awhile and think it through...

fabric by anna maria horner~ one of my current favorite prints : )


Lisa Zinza said...

cute shape! I love the stripe with the animal print.. striking.

funny when we have those days .. my mom would say "the hurrier I go the behinder I get" ha ha

andrea creates said...

lisa-your mom got it right.that's a great saying :)

vintage grey said...

Such a sweet shape and the fabric is beautiful!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

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