Sunday, September 1, 2013

Woven Ribbons and New Fabric

 the floral ribbons are by anna maria horner and amy butler.

It's funny sometimes, when inspiration strikes.

I bought these prints and ribbons yesterday and had no real plan other than some more headbands for the prints, and possibly handles for bags with the woven ribbons...

But~ when I was editing the photos, I was reminded of something else I've been wanting to make for awhile-those cuffs!
Doesn't that last photo look like cuffs, all lined up? I can see it, lol ;)

I also bought some Heather Ross fabric(see last photo). Isn't it cute?-the little bee wearing a familiar style headband no less. This is the way I wear mine when I exercise or if I'm having a reeaally bad hair day-or just don't want to mess with/have time to do my hair(shhh).

I'm not sure what I'll make with those but I have a few ideas...

Hope you're having a great weekend : )

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