Monday, November 4, 2013

Jasmin Done

As promised, here is my Jasmin headwrap...

I love it.
I think I may wear it in place of a hat sometimes, now that the weather seems to be staying cooler, hovering above freezing, actually.Brr...

The pattern is from the French Girl Knits Accessories book.

I learned a few new things this pattern. Let's see if I can remember what they were, because I've already finished the Tartine hat, and am working on a third from this very book!
I usually make hats-again, like the sewing, smaller projects are favorites. Only need to buy one favorite(usually pricey) skein of yarn and they make great gifts...anyway back to my newly learned skills...

*how to do an invisible provisional cast on.This took me a few days to master but once I got it, it seemed easy.
*reading lace patterns for this amount of pattern.I've done this before on a much smaller scale.
*refreshing my memory with the yarn overs before purls etc.
*and the Kitchener stitch. I'm proud of how mine turned out, as this was something I had to redo a few times and lost a stitch or 2 along the way.I'm not sure where they went, I must've saved them somewhere where it doesn't seem to be a  problem with unraveling, lol.

I wish it was a bit narrower, but I will still wear it.
Like several reviewers on ravelry, I also only did 3 repeats instead of 4.

I'll share my Tartine Hat next time, I just need to finish up the cord and take some photos : )

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koralee said...

I love it tooo....especially the creative thing you. Hugs for a great weekend...can't believe how fast time is going excited about Christmas. xoxo

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