Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Morning Walk Earwarmer

         Sew Mama Sew Giveaway can be found here.

I made up a earwarmer/headband that took a few days to get done~ I'm starting to lose sensation in some of my fingers from so many projects so I decided to start making some smaller ones : 0

the buttons are actually more rosy ~it's hard to tell here.

this one is actually a darker lavender.totally inaccurate color here, it's actually more like the color of this font... but it's dark and snowy out so the lighting is hard to get 'true to life'.

My gift list seems to keep growing and I keep thinking of the projects I wanted to make for myself, but will end up waiting 'til after the holidays...hopefully getting done by Spring!

This headband is the Morning Walk Headband /Earwarmer~ a free pattern that you can find here.

Again, I went for a doubled Ella Rae Classic Heathers yarn. Apparently I tend to buy thinner yarns and funny enough the projects I choose call for 'chunky' I went back to the local mom and pop yarn shop and ended up with yet another in the same brand/type...because I was so drawn to the color. I may even have to keep it myself...

I did the 'thin yarn' version which you can find if you scroll to the bottom of the pattern on her blog. This next time I will use larger needles though so it's a little less stiff. The pattern is pretty easy, I may have messed up the row count a few times but that was my fault. All in all a nice project. Just need to find a nice button!


Becca said...

Beautiful! I love those headbands and wear them often. I look so goofy in a hat. :-)

vintage grey said...

So pretty and those colors are beautiful! xo Heather

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