Monday, January 13, 2014

Camera Bags

One of my most recently popular items, are my camera bags. 
I have been making them for a few years, but recently they've really garnered an interest.
I'm just curious, what kind of camera do you use?
I thought most were using their cell phone cameras so their current interest has pleasantly surprised me.

For my shop I use a larger dslr camera  and I do have the littler digital camera I sometimes take on trips outdoors, the one that's shown in the 'scale' photos.

Anyhoo-I'm making up a few as they sell, because

 they are one of those smaller projects that you can use to mix and match a lot of fun fabrics and trims-and those cute vintage buttons I apparently have so many of(!)

Oh-P.S-they also make really cute 'party bags' or mini wristlets, just throw in a few essentials :)

The pattern is a retired one by michelle patterns.Fabrics by Denyse Schmidt.


Unknown said...

they are pretty dog gone cute! my camera (that I use)…. thank's to my darling daughter … is a Nikon D40 .. it is wonderful! I don't know what I am going to do when she moves out :o) ha ha … I really should get something all my own. what do you take most of your shop photos with?

andrea creates said...

hi lisa,
i use a canon rebel for shop pics..otherwise when i'm out and about, i mostly use my phone ;)

vintage grey said...

So sweet and the fabrics are so lovely! xo Heather

koralee said...

Simply ADORABLE!!!! You my dear are so have a sweet pouch for everything. Happy day to you...hope it is sunshining in your area. xoxo

Unknown said...

*** how do you like your rebel??? that's what I'm thinking to get for myself :o)

Dawn said...

Love it!!!

andrea creates said...

thanks ladies : )

lisa~i love my rebel- it's been very good to me so far. i've had it a good 4+ years...

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