Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Accidents

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had an idea for a bag....welp, after working on it all morning...
I still have that idea, and not the bag ; )

I decided to just go for it and wing it-my usual style of creating a new design. As I got farther and farther along, I noticed the next steps were not going to work out-so I decided to salvage what I could of some of my most favorite fabrics and rearranged it into this:

 If you look really closely-you can see that it is not completely finished -hanging threads etc.
I also wanted to add some trim or buttons...

 Though this isn't at all what I originally had in mind -I like it a lot and will keep it for myself ; ) 

 I think I could make more like this too-for now Ill keep the other design idea secret 'til it gets done...

floral fabric, anna maria horner (see sidebar for link)
clutch-my own happy accident : )


Christie Cottage said...

I love the fabric choices in this clutch!


vintage grey said...

So pretty and sweet!! And, a happy accident indeed! xo Heather

andrea creates said...

thanks :)

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