Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coupon Code Spring Sale

I am so looking forward to Spring.I only wish that it lasted here a bit longer than the hot muggy Summers.We still have a wee bit of snow on the ground melting by the end of today probably.
I'm so used to seeing the grass covered with it, that I might just miss it when it's gone : ) Maybe not.

In any case, the fact of the matter is-I have to destash some things. Way overdue for a Spring cleaning, Spring or not!

I have lots of items expiring by the end of March ~most of the ones I listed for the Christmas and Holiday season are about to go... I've also got some ideas in the works for a few new things so I've decided:why not have a sale?!

Starting now through April 1st, choose anything totaling at least $10.00 in the shop, and use coupon code:
for 20% off at checkout.

1 comment:

vintage grey said...

I wish spring last longer, too! Have a wonderful and crafty weekend! xo Heather

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