Thursday, March 27, 2014

Diaper & Wipes Cases

I have such a large collection of children and baby themed fabric...Even though I (mostly) didn't need them, I couldn't resist buying them- they were so cute!
In my defense, some of them were intended for gift making. 

Now, I've had to set a rule of not buying anymore unless there was a specific project in mind...

 Recently however, I couldn't resist, and bought this retro kitty themed print by Pam Kitty.

I broke my own rule-I had no plan...But since I've been going to so many showers lately-I thought I'd make up some cute little wipes and diaper cases ...great excuse, huh?! Except all of these showers were for boys ;)

So these will need to be listed soon :)

1 comment:

vintage grey said...

Cute!! That Pam Kitty fabric is so sweet! Happy weekend! xo Heather

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