Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Ready Boysenberry

Getting ready for Spring.
I'm so ready. I'd love to take my coat to the cleaners and put it away for the year.Wear some slip on shoes-no socks...Maybe go without a sweater? I'm ready to plant some flowers and get our garden growing...
Even if the temps are freezing and the forecast shows snow in the near future...How about you?

I went around and found some yarn and fabrics today that reminded me of the upcoming season....Apparently boysenberry shades were on my mind.

More on the yarn next time. (It was a lilac hue ; )
These are some fabric pieces that I found at Joann.
Juliana Horner and Denyse Schmidt. I loved the cheery colors and prints.
They remind me of a blend of Art Deco and Boho-Hippie Chic color and print-wise.
They're probably destined to become headbands. I'm loving wearing my elastic headbands lately, and can't seem to make enough of them...If you'd like to see them, the available ones are in the shop : )

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