Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Major Fabric Destash

Shelves are up-and were filled within minutes(!)
I still need a large unit like this one :/ 
these are from ikea.i have 2 of the slightly smaller versions along with 3 large like this or larger wall units filled(!!) and a few smaller bookshelves and ....
My husband called me a hoarder lol. It's not that bad.I just have lots.And too much to ever use-hence the recent purging and destashing...

these are now in the shop
 I managed to get fabrics 1-5 into the shop this morning-it's so time consuming-choosing, trimming edges, ironing, making up the listings, taking photos-not necessarily in that order, lol
I found 19 pieces that are ready to go.To be added soon-
If you're interested in a specific one, I can list them even sooner.
These are just from my 'blue' box(!)

I have family visiting from out of state soon so I am trying to get done what I can cause I'll also take a little breather while they're here.I won't close up for vacation but proabably won't be listing much.
these are retro inspired.I think most of these are Moda or RJR -not too sure??

these are dusty grey blues and browns they remind me of William Morris/Art Nouveau/Victorian and '30s all rolled into one ;)

these are also retro inspired like the '30s-'60s looking to me.groovy! brighter colors and more mod.


vintage grey said...

I would love a large fabric unit like that! Pretty destash!! xo Heather2

koralee said...

Such pretty new fabrics you have! Thank you for visiting me the other day....wishing you a happy Summer. xo

The Feisty Redhead said...

I destash at least twice a year and somehow end up with even more than I had at the previous destash. It's a losing battle! But I bet everything looks really pretty on the shelves.

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