Thursday, July 3, 2014

Retro Style Kittens Crochet Hook Organizer

One of my local Mom and Pop fabric shops changed locations awhile back and I haven't had a chance to visit since...'until the other day...

I really didn't need anything, (see several of last months posts about my need to purge fabric and other supplies) I just had some time to waste before picking someone up, and there really wa(i)sn't much else to do in the area, so I decided to stop by. 
When I saw these, I couldn't resist. I told myself if I could come up with a plan for what I'd make with them, then that would be enough of an excuse to buy them, right?!

After realizing the kittens were in a basket with balls of yarn-I thought this print would be purrfect (pun intended ; ) for a crochet hook organizer!

The fabric reminds me of one of those vintage sheets-soft faded colors with a retro style. I added a minty green seam binding tie.

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Martina said...

Sweet! Have a lovely tuesday Andrea!

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