Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crochet Split Headwraps

Sometimes I can't stop making something once I find a pattern I like. 
I bought this book awhile back and couldn't quite get the hang of figuring out some of the headband patterns. It just didn't click at that time.
Then this past week, after the cooler weather started setting in and I thought about my need to start on my gift making spree, and seeing many cute ear-warmers online, I brought the book back out. And it clicked!
I had my daughter pick out a yarn color-she is a fashionista so I figured she'd know~and I knew if I bought a yarn with a purpose, I'd likely stick to the project...

She chose the purple one. It's Vintage Chunky by Berroco.
I've had my eye on the cranberry/oxblood color lately and found this yarn at Michaels. My original plan for it was to make a cowl (another pattern idea I have swirling around ;) but I didn't have enough~so another earwarmer it was!

There are some modifications, like gauge /stitch count, and the stitch is actually not quite right.
The Fpdc is a new to me stitch and I inadvertently did it wrong. I started to do one the 'right' way and wasn't as fond of how it turned out. Perhaps with a thinner yarn?
Anyway I love how they look 'on' too so I'll surely be making more. I've had a cream colored request.Do you have a favorite color?

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