Friday, November 14, 2014

Art Doll

I have been a little low on inspiration lately, and when that happens, sometimes I will try a project that I've been meaning to do for a long time, but haven't had a chance.

I love 'art dolls'-those that are handmade by someone taking lots of time to put together something just perfectly. 

I've made a few cloth dolls-and given them away. Here's one here. This time I thought I'd make one for myself. 

I've had the stripey leg print for over 5 years with the intention of making legs for dolls.That's how long this idea has been on my back burner. When I saw this book by Jess Brown (I've seen her dolls online for awhile) I knew I had to give it another try. These patterns are great because they are meant to be a bit 'rustic' which is all I can handle making right now, lol. Not that its any easier to do...there is a fine line between 'rustic' and 'about to fall apart'. Which this one just might be about to do ; ) It started out in a linen but I made the seam allowances too big and it was way too hard to turn the arms out. So I tried another with osnaberg. I think I stuffed it a bit too tight as some of the seams are coming apart though...but that just adds to the handmade charm, right? and I don't mind, it's for me anyway.

She's been so much fun to put together. I think I might even like picking out the prints and patterns for her clothes, best. 

I have an idea for her face and hair but that will have to wait for now...

I haven't intentionally been slow to blog-I do check in every day. But-I have been spending a lot of time on instagram lately-you can check it out with the button over there on the right 
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Lisa Zinza said...

very cute .. I especially love the stripey legs!

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