Saturday, January 17, 2015

Decoupaged Clothespins

In this new year, and as I look around, I'm ready to purge probably half of the things in my studio. I'm  such a collector of craft supplies, some I have never, or never will, get around to using, and some I just don't really care for anymore. A good Spring cleaning even in the middle of Winter is in order.

 Decorated clothespins aren't necessarily a new thing- but I have been in the mood to add some papery type products to the shop instead of all sewn projects...just to change things up a bit. 

Recently I saw some decorated clothespins, and I thought they'd be a good way to use up some of those tiny fabric scraps I hoard.

I've added magnets to some, which has been a long hit and miss trial and error of a variety of glues. A slow process of clamping and waiting for glue to dry. I want to finish the ones I've started up though,
so~ most of these will be clothespins only, and some will be magnets-listed more slowly. They're great for sticking to the fridge and adding a photo, note or grocery list -or to hang photos from a length of twine.
I'm working on the packages now : )

1 comment:

Lisa Zinza said...

darling .. and what a delightful idea! I love them!! :)
hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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