Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fabric Basket Project Tote

I love making things that are handy and that I really need~ and this kind of bag /basket/tote has been on my mind for awhile...

When I buy supplies for a knitting or crocheting project-even sewing, the items for that project stay in the bag until I get around to working on them. 
I think it's a pretty handy way of organizing, and also an easy way of remembering where certain things are, but I always have several projectss going on at once, and needless to say, I have several (quite a few) bags around. Some people do not appreciate the overwhelming amounts of craft supplies ; )
Stacks of my projects are all over the coffee table, side of the sofa etc.etc...
Anyway, I thought one of these little totes would be quite handy-and better looking- than most of the plastic/paper store bags/ piles.

I have seen similar type bags around the internet and decided to try one myself.
I based it off of something that would be long enough for my longest knitting needles.
Wide enough to stand by itself-also with the help of some stiffer interfacing.
And a ribbon tie, just to keep things inside a little better. Easy to reach into, and very portable.
(I was going to add pockets-but decided against as I hardly ever use pockets however, I might try one on a future basket.) My original plan was to do a patchwork with all of my fabrics I have small pieces of- you may just see one like that soon!
Totes are so handy. I suppose you could use this for something else-maybe a book and a snack?

I know I'll be using mine on most weekdays- I hop in and out of the car so many times, carpooling or taking kids here and there ~ I like to bring projects with me to work on while I wait. Just last week, I was crocheting in the dentist's waiting room!!

This one is Reversible too-and the 'outside' is Anna Maria Horner's Echinacea print (link in sidebar). 'Lining' is a polka dot.

I'm already addicted, and have made 2 so far.
You can see the other prototype bag I'm keeping for myself on my instagram feed. This one's in the shop now : )


Lisa Zinza said...

I love the long short shape ~ Handy and fabulously cute! :)

Martina said...

Such a handsome bag - looks very practical too1 Will show it to my needleworking friend who also loves bags ;) xx

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