Monday, April 6, 2015

Upcycled Decoupaged Clipboards Tutorial Part 2

I've finished up 2 more clipboards-this time with a dog theme- and these 2 are ready to go, in the shop.

I thought I'd continue on the last post's tutorial, and add some more notes I took that may be handy...

...because these clipboards were used, and not the craft store, or the kind where you can unscrew the clip, kind,lol-  I could have made different templates for the papers to fit around the clip, but for the most part, they were really similar, and because I was not trying to be too too perfect on purpose, I basically used the same template, altering by eyeballing it, and a few scissor snips where necessary. Sorry for the super long sentence ; ) 

  From the previous post, I forgot to mention that I was using the clamps to hold the clips open while waiting for the decoupage medium to dry. This is important as I tore the paper on one I kept for myself by letting it dry with the clip down, and it stuck to the paper :( Otherwise it would not have been one I kept for myself...

  I also tried out Deco Art's (Americana/Decoupage)  glossy decoupage medium (I ran out of Mod Podge). I think it had a somewhat smoother finish-maybe it was slightly less glossy? I don't know, I'll have to practice some more to be sure-but I think both worked equally well/equivalently overall.

As you can see here in the corner-the paper looks a little bumpy.This is not because of the decoupage medium, rather the 'used-ness' of the board. They all had a few scratches and nicks. I further added to their 'rustic charm' by sanding away the edges of the paper a bit. I was not trying for a 'factory sealed on, perfect' look, but I did try to get the papers on as smoothly as possible, so that they could be used for writing notes.

I did find the mediums to be a little 'tacky' to the touch after drying. I've had a notepad on my own for about a week, and it sticks slightly when I lift it up. I read up online that this could be due to weather (muggy here) and that clear acrylic sealer helps, so I went out and got some. They've already been sprayed and already feel dry/not tacky...

A last tip- I found it really hard to apply the paper to the board if both the board AND the paper were coated in decoupage medium (something I had mentioned trying in Part 1) With both sides coated, it was super hard to position, especially around the clip.
So here's the 'notes to self'//what I will be doing with future clipboards(or other decoupage projects):

1) clean/ prep surface to be decoupaged
2)cover surface with decoupage medium, with a foam brush.Make sure the whole surface is covered,- found it best to be as smooth as possible and work fairly quickly.
3)Apply the paper carefully, around the clips, and smooth with fingers, and a brayer.
4)Apply decoupage medium over the paper. Have semi wet paper towels handy for quick cleanup of excess.
5) Let dry.
6) Recoat with medium, It may start to bubble-smooth out again a bit with fingers. I found if I used the brayer at this step, it may stick to, and tear the paper if it was at all 'tacky'.
& I apply at least 3-4 coats of medium, waiting til dry between coats.
7) Apply clear acrylic sealer to avoid tackiness-possibly due to weather and glossy medium

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