Monday, July 28, 2008

shop update

I have had my little online store since May . I think it's about time to add a few new things that I have floating around here .

So here are some totes and book bags that will be in the shop , hopefully today if my computer cooperates...

This one is a ' farmers market ' tote . It's canvas and fairly large . I love reusable shopping bags even tho' I forget to use them more than I'd like to admit .Why do I always get to the checkout before I remember I left them in the car ? Below is a detail of the interior pocket and removable covered plastic needlepoint base .

This one is a small book bag .
It's a collage of scraps of fabric . I love the vintage style schoolgirls on the front. This bag would be nice for a little girl carrying a coloring book and a new box of crayons or a book or 2. ( There's a little piece of vintage lace on there too ! )
This next one is a felt bag with sparrow appliques . The inside lining is a green that matches the buttons and ric rac tie closure. It's a tad on the bright side but I think it's a very interesting combination . I love mixing unusual colors together .(It is rectangular but because I tied the strap shorter for the picture it looks narrower on top than it really is.)

I made one for myself that has an applique of our little Coco I use for the library. Because of the felt , it isn't washable .
here's a closeup detail : And finally a couple of notepads that were fun to make, again with the fabric scraps I couldn't throw away .
The ' ironing lady ' is one of the very first fabrics that started my addiction to fabric a few years ago. I don't have very much left of this particular one and wish I had bought more of it . I'm not even sure who makes it , altho' I probably have the selvage floating around somewhere (see below) . I also had a bluish green version , but like the cream color better .
Note to self : buy more of the fabric you know you'll wish you had more of later .

I also save all the words off the selvages ! I think they make cute sayings on things like this and have a mini French paperboard suitcase full !

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