Friday, July 25, 2008

Doxies and etsy sales

This sure has been a busy week .

Coco , our miniature dachshund , made an unexpected trip to the vet again . It seems she is allergic to grass ? She usually gets red and scratchy but this was a little worse and her face also got swollen .This is the second time in a year . We're being told the swollen face must be due to a bug bite but I'm not so sure . Anway after a steroid shot and some more take home meds she's doing well .
This sparked in me a determination to make her , and maybe eventually more doxies ( ?) , clothing that would cover their little ' barely taller than the grass ' bodies while taking walks . I have bought her clothes in the past for the allergy reason-o.k and she's cute in it , but none of them have fit her very well . Either the chest is too tight and the body too short but the waist fits or the chest is just right and the rest sags to the ground . I took one of her best fitting dresses , a little 'shabby chic' number and cut it apart to make a pattern with much modification . After trying 2 , it still didnt work very well . So after a trip to the local pet boutique I saw that most of them had a stretchy 1 piece bottom instead of the velcro closure . That will be my next attempt . I won't give up . O.k maybe I will , but I'll try first . I'm just not that good (yet) with little clothing pieces for dogs . I'll keep you updated on anything that looks good enough to post . In the meantime here are a few pictures of her birthday party last month .
My daughter made her the hat . She ( Coco , the dog) turned 5.

I also had my very first etsy sale this week ! Yippee ! I now feel official . I hope they like it . It was one of my favorite things . You can see it in my banner up there-the Dick and Jane diaper and wipes case .

Well , I should go and make things . Have a great weekend !

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