Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yippee they're here !

And they only took about a week from order to arrival so I'm really pleased . I got them from here . I Probably should have ordered more 'go with everything' colors , but I really like these 2 colors together .This combination reminds me of 'mint and chip' ice cream . I don't really have a favorite color but I do have favorite combinations , and it seems like a lot of them remind me of ice cream .

I also got a project (goal) done this week !
This is the Liesl Gibson ' Day in the park ' backpack/tote . I really like it .
The pattern has been hanging around my 'workshop' for awhile so this was something I wanted to get done . I've already started using it so the picture really doesn't do it any justice because it's full of my things ( also I'm not the best photographer ) . I had trouble with the grommets , they just weren't cooperating and because I was anxious to get it finished I just cut them off and stitched the ends over the 'rings' instead and it works just fine .
The fabric is the new Denyse Schmidt 'County Fair ' fabric , it's heavier than regular quilting fabric , like a canvas so it's nice for a project like this .

Also bought this book today. I've been trying out patchwork lately and need an excuse to use up some of my fabric scraps (and go shopping). I save even the smallest postage stamp sized scrap ! I recently gave my sister 6 shopping bags full and I still have 3 bags for myself .

Then I went today and added to my stash! I shouldn't have but I do have projects to finish ! And there always seems to be the one piece you 'need' that you don't have on hand !

And I can't resist a squirrel patch .

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