Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well it seems as though I haven't posted anything for awhile .
It's been a busy summer and not the best one for us . Many ups and downs.
Today was the first day of school for my girls . It's always sad to me to see them go but I do get some time to myself now and maybe I'll get something done .
Tonight I am trying to upload pictures and new things to flickr and the shop . I recently sold some notepads that I had such fun making that I decided to make 2 more and get them up for sale.
This is the Tea Party Notepad . I loved adding all the little scraps I have . It actually takes me much longer than it looks because I have to find just the right pieces in just the right color .Then the buttons and ribbons . This one went through several color schemes because i couldn't find the perfect ribbon in my "little stash ."

This one is the Dick and Jane notepad .

Here are the mini bibs . These are a little smaller than the ones I usually make so I think they'd be a better fit for a newborn...

A Dick and Jane bib

And of course my Little Bo Peep tote . I love the print on this fabric . It has a blue polka dot bottom and a blue 'swirly' colored vintage button...

Check out my shop for more details and pictures!

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