Saturday, October 11, 2008

Organizing the "studio"

I went through everything in my studio this past week . My ''studio''-a corner of my bedroom- is way over - filled with fabric , buttons , ribbons , glue , all of the things I use to create my projects with . So I thought I would go through it and see if there were things I could organize or get rid of .

Tiniest and Biggest Button !

Did I also mention I also have a few patterns ?.............

I also bought 2 more this week ! I really shouldn't be showing this without showing the 'after' pictures but they're just all put into boring plastic boxes on a big Ikea shelving system . Of which I need 3 more . At least .

I decided I could eliminate about 4 patterns from my collection . Wow.

I'll probably put them in the shop . Some of them are used , some the girls have outgrown and some I just never got around to doing or were too complicated for me . I will go through them and check if all the parts are there today , maybe . I'm supposed to make Halloween costumes first . Hmm...Isn't that spelled Hallowe'en ? Spellcheck doesn't think so .

Then there is my French General 'collection' .There is much more to this like beautiful velvet flowers and buttons but I wanted to show the neat little glassine packages they put your purchases in . I have been to the French General store , it's a little bungalow in L.A . Click on the link to be inspired .

I think most of them are vintage so I want to save them for something really special . (As in hoard them )

And last off I wanna show my little studio companion-mascot : Coco . She goes in the doll bed herself but my daughter covered her in this 'blanket' .

Bye !


AmandaB said...

Andrea, I'm so excited you have a blog and a shop now!! YAY!! I love all of your creations, you are so talented.

andrea said...

Thank you Amanda.It was sure nice to hear from you again...Take care

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