Monday, September 29, 2008

coffee or tea ?

I am doing this post on my new computer and want to check and see how easy it is to upload the pictures from new files.
Yesterday I made up some new coffee sleeves .I really wanted one for myself and really liked the 'recipe' fabric . It's another Japanese fabric that I like a lot . Wanting to spruce things up a bit and thinking they might need an update I thought trim would be nice and found in my stash some very nice pink ric-rac to go with it . It was a little tricky getting it around the curves but I think it turned out nicely and will be adding these to the shop soon ...Soon as I decide on a price and stop shopping for more trims to put around coffee sleeves !

I'm very new to blogging and have a hard time trying to get the pictures where I want them ...

This is one of my favorites . I think it looks warm and toasty . It has "afternoon tea'' printed on it and little tea things . It's a Susan Branch print .

So should I keep calling these coffee sleeves ? They could be used for any warm drink such as ...tea .


Lisa said...

What a totally cute project. Great idea and they all look so fun and colorful.

andrea creates said...

Thank you Lisa.
I really enjoy making them too!

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