Saturday, September 27, 2008

S'more pouches

No , sorry , unfortunately no s'mores were consumed during the making of these pouches but I did have Nutella for breakfast...
I made up these pouches yesterday . This one is a linen (?) Japanese fabric print of bunnies and squirrels . I love it . It almost looks like it's embroidered .
The lining is green...

I had to bribe my little "photographers assistant "to help me hold it up straight for the photo .

One of my favorite things about making these little bags is that I get to use pieces of my scrap bag(s) collection to finish off the ends of the zippers in contrasting you've maybe read before I love to save all my little scraps !

This one is the little forest animal pouch .

I love pink and red color combinations , and since this had the minty green like the zipper too , I decided to go with it for the lining . It's going to be hard for me to part with this one .

This one I call the Paris cat . It's another Japanese fabric , feels more woven than most cotton quilting fabrics . It has a few Parisian monuments on the 'map' , most of which I'm lucky enough to have been to .

This is the lining , I used Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop fabric . I love polka dots ! Her prints are very lovely .

I made about 5 bags yesterday , unfortunately some didn't pass my quality control so I usually end up using them myself or giving them to people who 'love them anyway'.

I also made up a new bib design , but haven't put one together yet...and cut out some more coffee sleeves .

Lots to do I'd better get going.....

Oh..I'm going to list these pouches today !

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